Article: Fresh Flour

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Epicurious published “The Power of Fresh Flour” this week, so I hope those of you who are part of the Sonoma Grain Share, SoCal Flour Share, and Power Flour Shares are feeling pleased with yourselves! Same to you, regular customers a la Grist and Toll or The Bagel Mill (see the Grains page for where you can get my wheat freshly milled)!

I appreciate that they highlight the value of engaging in one’s regional grain economy. Each one is different, and what I like about working with Grist and Toll is that we both endeavor to be up front and transparent as possible. A standard flour bag doesn’t tell you the name of the wheat variety (or varieties), of the chemicals sprayed on the wheat while it was growing, or of the farmers who grew the wheat. It doesn’t tell you its protein number, extensibility to elasticity ratio (important for bread bakers seeking a lofty loaf), falling number (also important for bread making), or moisture content. It also doesn’t tell you if it’s truly whole wheat even it the words “whole wheat” are on the bag. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s less than 50% whole wheat. Grist and Toll and I blog, newsletter broadcast, and chat about what went into the fresh flour you’re eating so you can make the most of it. Having a relationship with people in the regional grain economy means you can ask questions and have a more informed relationship with your food, too. I mean, I may be slow to respond, but you’ll eventually hear from me or find me in a chat box. 🙂