Hey, let’s have pizza to celebrate the new harvest! I’m linking up with LABB members Paul and Dana Morgan, co-organizers of the Westchester Community Oven events, to host a grain pick-up along with the chance to bake your own pizza in a traditional wood-fired oven.
When: Sunday, October 14th, 2017 11:30 AM-1:30 PM for grain pick-up and pizza-making
Who: Open to anyone who wants to pick up grain. You don’t have to stick around for pizza, but it’d be nice to hang out!
What: All whole grain and will be sold at the wholesale price. Chiddam Blanc de Mars @$3.75/lb, Wit Wolkering @$3.25/lb, Red Fife @ $5/lb. 10 lb. minimum. What are these wheats? Read about them on the Grain page.
For the bake, please bring pizza dough from the store or home (we won’t judge!), and your favorite toppings. The event is free.  Oven is hot, and pizzas bake in less than two minutes.
Where: The Garden of Holy Nativity Episcopal Church6700 W. 83rd  St., a block west of Emerson Ave. (this is a secular event)
How: Please email mai@farmermai.com to place your order and pre-pay by Oct 8th.
If you’re interested in other wood-fired oven events, they happen on the second Saturday of every month and are listed on Los-Angeles-Bread-Bakers meet up.  Pizza at noon and bread baking at 2PM. If you have an oven-ready loaf, bring it on the 14th