Milled at SHED. FINE
Delivered flour. FINE
Got on the freeway. REROUTING ERROR
Headed down 5. Grapevine flooded, Tehachapi mudslide, 101 gridlock. HORRIBLE
Gas stop. Guy with flavor savor blew me a kiss as he drove away. GROSS
Pull off break in L.A.. No on ramp to go back, side streets suddenly blocked by popo. RIDICULOUS
Almost to destination. Get stuck behind a fixed gear cyclist as the only other vehicle on the road. ABSURD

ARGH! What I do for grains!

It was worth it. I came down to present on¬†grain farming and baking with Mark Stambler of Pagnol Boulanger and Joseph Abrakjian of Seed Bakery. There was a wonderful group of bread bakers who made it to the event and asked great questions about how grains CAN BE grown, but haven’t been. It was heartening to get positive responses to my way of farming and to see so many people excited about grains.

A great weekend with good food, friends, and fun. I <3 LA!

Door to Door Delivery
Baker’s Apprentice
Mai Miche