Farms should meet the needs of people. That means we need to farm in ways that replenish the soil, water and air. Humans and nature aren’t separate. We are all part of a system, and it is our responsibility to take care of each other and the earth.

Farms should meet the needs of all people. Consider that Asian-Americans only make up 0.6% of California farm operators. Yet 15% of Californians are Asian-American. We’re not all kale crunching, chard chipping eaters. I want to grow food that people eat — that they know how to cook, delight in, and take comfort in.

Guiding Principles

Organic and holistic : I don’t use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMO seeds. I use site-appropriate methods to farm while considering the broader system in which it operates.

Drought resistant : The only water I use comes from rainfall. I also propagate plants that do not need much water to thrive.

Healthy soil : Soil strata and microbes lay intact through no-till methods. Crop rotations contribute to soil nutrients.

Renewable energy : I rely on human and animal power as much as possible rather than fossil fuel-powered implements.

Scientific methods : I collaborate with research scientists and farmers to experiment, run test sites, and exchange knowledge.

Solidarity and Justice : I believe in fair labor practices and supporting other farmers, documented or not. I save heirloom seeds and encourage biodiversity. I farm to foster food security for all.