The last fruits of summer are ripening, the clouds are shifting, and the time for cozying up is coming. What better way to warm your nest than with oven-baked goodies?

These dry farmed grains, grown in the driest year in California history!, are packed with flavor and you’ll certainly win any “which diet uses the least water” competition. Fresh stone-milledĀ flour is more fragrant and nutritiousĀ than your store shelf standard sack. Never tried the fresh stuff? You’ll be able to tell the difference.

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Sonora + Red Fife + Dark Northern Rye
clockwise from left: Rye + SonorA + Red Fife

The Cook | 40

4 lbs Red Fife berries + 4 lbs Sonora berries + 2 lbs Rye berries

You like diversifying your diet and creating balanced meals. Rye as a breakfast cereal, Sonora salad for lunch, and Red Fife for dinner. These whole grains offer a locally grown, dry farmed alternative to those conventional grains.

C360_2015-09-30-20-00-13-557The Protean Cook | 50

8 lbs Sonora flour

Sometimes you feel like having a giant stack of pancakes. Sometimes you want to bake bread. You also make cakes, pastries, pastas, and tortillas. Sonora, the soft white wheat, is great for all your wheat flour needs.

C360_2015-09-30-19-59-35-806The Bread Baker | 60

4 lbs Red Fife flour + 4 lbs Sonora flour + 2 lbs Rye flour

No one can break your sourdough starter feeding routine. If the dough is rising, you’re babysitting. You can make

The Virtuoso | 80

4 lbs Red Fife berries + 4 lbs Sonora berries + 2 lbs Rye berries

4 lbs Red Fife Flour + 4 lbs Sonora flour

You like to cook, bake, sprout, ferment. This set satisfies your various culinary needs.

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