Hello, I’m Mai and I’m a farmer. I specialize in growing heirloom ethnic crops using organic, drought-tolerant, and soil-enriching methods. Here you can read about my practices and stay updated on my most recent farm shenanigans. Thanks for visiting!
– Mai, Sonoma County, California

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“Mai is a wonderful farmer and has worked tirelessly on behalf of California’s grain growers to help build a strong, diversified, regional food system.  She is a state treasure!” Dave Miller, Miller’s Bake House

California needs more young famers like Mai! She is meticulous in her seed selection and farming practices and it shows in every kernel of grain harvested.” — Nan Kohler, Grist and Toll

“Farmer Mai is one of my all-time favorite farmers doing good work out there today! Her grains consistently bake into the most flavorful, lofty loaves that just seem like they want to come alive in my hands…They certainly carry the flavors of the land itself. 

I can’t say enough about Mai’s commitment to the absolute best farming practices. Her farm as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s because she’s dedicated to her community belief that puts relationships at the heart of what she does— relationships on the farm, and off, as well. She takes her role of steward seriously and her farms are making our world a better (and tastier!) place to live.” — Adrian Hale, 1000 Bites of Bread

“Mai’s commitment to responsible and “aware” farming practices are unsurpassed, and I can’t wait to start baking with the wheat she’s grown sustainably on her farm. I’m sure that many others will join me in making what she grows an important part of our diet.”Mark Stambler, Pagnol Bread


DEC 10. Future of Women, Food

NOV 11. Tilth Conference, Keynote Speaker

OCT 10. Healdsburg SHED, Bread winners

SEPT 15. Worker Cooperatives National Conference, Growing the Future of Food with Cooperatives

AUG 11. National Young Farmers Coalition, Farm Futures

JUL 30. CUESA, Recentering our Origins

JUN 28. VICE, America Dreaming

JUN 10-11. A Taste for Grain, The Californian Perspective

MAY 17. Berkeley/Stanford FoodInno Symposium, Rediscovering Grains

APR 13. Slow Food California Annual Meeting, Regionalizing Grain

MAR 29. Los Angeles Food Policy Council, Good Food Entrepreneurs Mixer

MAR 12. Friends and Family, Bread Winners: A Conversation with Women in Bread

FEB 26. InTents Conference, California Grain Campaign

FEB 22. Cardamom Cafe and Bakery, San Diego Grain Gathering

FEB 3. San Diego Little Italy Mercato, Grain Campaign Roadshow

JAN 27-29. EcoFarm, Cooperative Solutions for Farmers, Heirloom Grains, Alternative Financing for Farms

JAN 20. Cascadia Grains Conference, Building Regional Grain Networks panel with June Russell

Current Affiliations
Asian American Farmers Alliance
Asian American Farmers Alliance
Solidarity Economies Network
Asian American Solidarity Economies Network
2018 BALLE Fellow
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California Grain Campaign
2018 Grist 50 Fixer
California Organizer




  1. Danny
    Jun 23, 2015

    Mai also cooks and ferments delicious things. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.