Since giving birth, I’ve developed rituals to help me rest my mind during what is never ending work. One of these rituals includes sipping on a special tea, which doesn’t require going too far out of my way while also differentiating the moment. I love oolong teas for their depth and fragrance, and wanted to find a tea made my small, organic farms like mine. After much searching, I came across Three Gems Tea owned by Diana Zheng in Los Angeles and Ayumi xx.

Their tea is grown organically in Chaozhou, Fujian, and Taiwan by small family farms, and each is fresh and incredibly distinct. (I also appreciate that 3% of their tea sales support water projects like DigDeep and LA Waterkeeper.)

Two years into incorporating Three Gems Tea into my household and well-being, I met Diana through Jessica Wang of Gu Grocery–a specialty shop of Taiwanese goods. Jessica is delightfully creative and generous in her food curations, fermentations, and cooking, which I’m so glad is newly manifested in Gu Grocery–one of Jessica’s many projects.

The three of us got together (maybe we are three gems, too!) in hopes to putting something together to spread a little joy, a little ritual, and a lot of deliciousness for the year of the Tiger. In particular, how can we foster connection with dear ones when we cannot gather. So, we created the Tiger Bundle of Joy with the idea that two people could receive a bundle and share in a monthly tea break. There are twelve tea pods, my flour with a recipe, a Go Grocery solar and lunar calendar, and monthly prompts for reflection.

We created a free raffle on Instagram that closed before Lunar New Year, and now, on the lunar new year day of grain, we’re making eight bundles available for purchase!

And if tea is not for you, I hope you and yours find ways to remain close as we continue to be physically distanced. <3

In collaboration with our friends Farmer Mai and Gu Grocery, we put together a Bundle of Joy for the Year of the Water Tiger ūüźĮ Reflecting on the past year of drought and isolation, we called for water, perspective, focus, and ways to tend to¬†our relationships in this new year ahead.

That’s the inspiration behind this set: more nourishing tea breaks with dear ones.

Each bundle includes:

  • Farmer Mai‚Äôs Chiddam Blanc de Mars heirloom flour, with simple recipes to enjoy baked goods with your tea.
  • Gu Grocery‚Äôs¬†2022 Solar/Lunar Desk Calendar + Stand¬†to mark your tea breaks.
  • Three Gems Tea’s 12-pod oolong sampler, one¬†for each month of the year.
  • Farmer Mai’s discussion prompts for monthly tea breaks, inspired by each oolong.

Share one bundle with a loved one if you can meet up in person, or coordinate to purchase two bundles to share the experience with someone long-distance.