minari cnnThough it’s been over a year since I’ve updated this blog, it isn’t for lack of news. This CNN publication of my writing grazes some of what’s transpired.

I began writing this opinion piece in January, then modified it after the attacks on Asian American elders. I revisited it again after more people in my community passed away. And after the Atlanta shootings. And once more after Vilma Kari was attacked. With each submission to and denial from a publication, I thought of Anne Anlin Cheng’s NY Times op-ed that asked the critical question: why does our society only care about us when we’re murdered?

As we say about fighting climate change, or dismantling oppression, yesterday was already too late, but today is better than tomorrow. So, I’m glad this piece is out.

I’ve received lovely congratulatory notes from strangers, authors, former professors, old friends, and colleagues. Many asked what they can do to support Asian American farmers. There are many tangible and political actions we can take that would overwhelm a single blog post, so I recommend signing up for the newsletter of my organization Minnow to stay informed. Minnow is a people of color-led organization dedicated to securing farmland tenure for California’s farmers of color, while respecting indigenous sovereignty and furthering land rematriation. Our work is at the intersection of food, climate change, racial justice, decolonization, economic democracy, and healing. When we examine our wounds together, we can make the right steps to repair.