I am grateful to unions for fighting for the weekend. Without the weekend, I wouldn’t be able to work two full-time jobs and coordinate several other projects.

So, thank goodness for vacation days. I racked them up and finally went on a honeymoon. We admired the full moon from the center of an Amazonian lake as a new Gregorian year dawned. We tried wild fruits with flavors more complex than a Mandelbrot set, and I poked bright orange mushrooms and oohed and ahhhed at deep purple ones. Through the varied ecosystems, elevations, and climates, I thought about work and grains for only one day. Truly a miracle!

On our spiritual journey, I discovered that my spirit foods are mangoes, cotton candy, and som tam. Ask me about that in person some time.

I’m not giving you all the details because honeymoons and romance are about mystery. Especially for the sake of my parents and potential progeny. The point is that I feel refreshed and ready for 2018.

And it’s starting off with me talking at people:

  • Jan 20, Cascadia Grain Conference: I’ll be on a panel with June Russell of GrowNYC and David Bauermeister of the Northwest Agricultural Business Center to talk about regional grain networks. Otherwise, find me stuffing my face with Annie Moss’s baked goods.
  • Jan 24-27, EcoFarm: This year I’m only on 3 instead of 4 panels — hahaha! I’ll be talking about 1) Cooperatives, 2) Heritage Grains, 3) Alternative Financing for Farms + Farm Succession. The night of the 26th will be the California Grain Campaign and Slow Food CA California Grain mixer. That’s free and open to the public, so come see me there!
  • Feb 2, San Diego Little Italy Mercato: Grain Campaign Roadshow with Min Kim of Min’s Kitchen and Christina Ng of Chinitas Pies

See you soon!