The Grain Campaign is blowing up! Hundreds of people signed their names in support of this effort to get all California farmers’ markets to require vendors use 20% local, whole grain by 2020. More and more market managers are joining our efforts, particularly in Northern California. When I spoke at EcoFarm last week, our grain panel was packed!

To keep up this good work, of letting people know how they can get the whole grain they’ve missed out on their whole lives, we need some dough. This is a volunteer-based education campaign and someone has to pay for┬áthe printing, driving to markets, and buying grains to sample. So, we’re going to make some dough! Pizza dough, that is.

Learn how to make pizza AND support the California Grain Campaign at this Gourmandise School class. The syllabus is:

Whole Grain Pizza Dough (meet the farmers who grow the wheat)!

White Pizza with Roasted Potatoes and Kale

Freshly Made Burrata with Organic Pastures Raw Milk

Pork Belly Pizza featuring Peads and Barnett’s Pork