Get Farmer Mai Grains @ The King’s Roost

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Farmer Mai Red Fife available at The King’s Roost located at 3732 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026. There’s parking in the back and you can get these whole grains milled on site! While you’re there, check out their selection of DIY tools and workshops.

Hurry and you can get some for your holiday baking!

Enthusiastic promotion of flour!
Fresh flour from the King's Roost mill
Fresh flour from the King’s Roost mill

Garden Grain Pop-up

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This end of year grain celebration manifested as a cozy, bright, beautiful morning in a Los Angeles garden. Minh of Porridge and Puffs, Mia of Transitional Gastronomy, Jacqui of The Gourmandise School, and Leyna of Micheltorena helped make a fun event with plenty of mind-blowingly delicious food available for eating on the spot, baking later, or milling into materials for future yums.

So so so SO FUN!

Jacqui milling up a storm and selling granddaughter pie crusts
The vegan chao: Braised fennel and pickled onions
Acorn Persimmon Cake, Quail with Mustard Seeds, Pickled Cabbage
Acorn Persimmon Cake, Quail with Mustard Seeds, Pickled Cabbage

Having a Field Day

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Some millers, bakers, and I were talking about the current calibre of California small scale grain production. There’s been much pioneering, exploration, experimentation, and some people struck a groove. But, there’s little consistency in quality and volume. That’s largely related to land security, public lack of awareness about fresh whole grains, equipment and distribution infrastructure, seed, and knowledge. There’s deep knowledge and documentation of grain growing in other parts of the states, but not in California. We, as farmers, found what’s worked for us to grow, harvest, and clean grains given our respective circumstances. Admittedly some of this is ad hoc, makeshift, and improv repeated over many seasons. There’s little time for reflection and change. There is much room to learn from each other, and from researchers who support our small scale, heritage grain, regenerative ag kind of work.

So I’ve been working with Dave Miller to create a field day. It’s a how-to workshop so we can learn how best to grow grains in California. Click on the image below to get more info about the field day.