Dry farming means relying on rain for irrigation. That’s all. No sprinklers, wells, rivers. Just the rain.

What happens when the weather is unpredictable? You may find yourself stuck in a hail and thunderstorm in the middle of seeding your field.

I planned to plant May 21st for months. I figured I should get an early June rain. The date neared and the forecasts ended up predicting rain on May 21st! That’s too bad because I recently picked up a cold AND started my period. But a farmers gotta do what a farmers gotta do. Especially dry farmers.

I get out there with my housemate, help a farmer friend move straw bales, and then get to my field to plant. Right then, it starts to rain. Then hail. Then thunder and lighting.

We sat in the car hoping to wait this through. The rain began to ease, the clouds parted for rays of light, and we were hopeful for a reprieve from the storm.

But it came back even stronger. The torrential downpour deterred us from spreading straw over the seeds, which helps retain moisture in the soil. I’ll do it once the rain let’s up…for realz.