On Saturday I went to Hoes Down, the annual educational farming event run by EcoFarm at Full Belly Farm. David Kaisel of Capay Mills and I set up a booth to let people explore the difference between different wheat varieties and try whole wheat bread in its fluffy, flavorful form.

I am SO SO SO happy that I went and got to see people’s enthusiastic response to whole grains. David provided freshly milled flour of various wheat varieties for people to touch, and Davey of Pain Bakery brought whole grain Sonora bread for people to try. My heart filled with glee when people tried the bread samples: their eyes widened and remarked, “This is the best bread I’ve ever had!” People had lots of questions about farming, milling, and baking, particularly about my water-saving, low fossil fuel practices. They were fascinated with this different way of farming, of producing food in symbiosis with nature.

This is why I farm! To develop super sustainable methods AND share and get excited with others about this tangible, ancient, and critical thing: food.

Makes this whole year of drought, massive blood loss, and catastrophes worth it.

Hugging Whole Sonora
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