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I didn’t expect to get hit by a semi truck on Thursday.

I didn’t expect Lake County to burn again this summer.

I didn’t expect that I’d have to move farms so soon.

I didn’t expect to get a beautiful loaf from rEvolution Bread made from my grains.

Red Fife in 3 forms


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I spoke on behalf of the Healdsburg SHED and about the revitalization of heirloom grains at a Nopalize event on Sept 5. Nopalize is the media arm of San Francisco’s famous farm-to-table restaurants Nopa and Nopalito. They also host tours of Northern California farms, which includes a ride from San Francisco, wine, and lunch. This trip they stopped at Front Porch Farm, where SHED sources its grains.

Presenting at Front Porch Farm
Fresh flour samples

Photos courtesy of Molly DeCoudreaux.

SHED Highlight

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The Healdsburg SHED’s blogger wrote a blush-inducing piece about me. It starts with

We’re proud to announce that Mai Nguyen is the new miller at SHED, in charge of making fresh flour and polenta each Friday afternoon. But Mai’s ability to competently mill is such a small fraction of who she is that we can’t leave it at that.


Read the rest of the article here: http://healdsburgshed.com/2015/09/02/miller-mai-nguyen/


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By now you have seen the photo of the little boy on the beach laying in his red shirt and blue shorts. Aylan Kurdi, lifeless. We’ve seen many photos of Syrian, Kurdish, and other people who’ve recently tried to reach the northern Mediterranean countries by boat. We’ve read about the rich nations rejecting these refugees.

I can’t help but think of my family and their journeys by sea. My mother stayed stranded on a boat for 11 days without food or water. Several cousins drowned or were lost in their attempts to escape. Where would my mom be if that Norwegian ship hadn’t picked her up? Where would my parents be if the US rejected their application, as the Canadian Harper government did with the little boy’s family? It’s disheartening to see the same struggles 30 years on.

I’m doing what I can to serve the refugee population I’m connected to. But there are more people out there. I’m going to try to make some more room, grow some more food, feed some more people.